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Investment areas of the Przasnysz District

For the interested investors the district government offers four investment areas, on which each project can be seamlessly located. All areas are neighbouring with the national road no 57, and one of them also with the railway line no 35.

Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo near Przasnysz Investment areas of the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo

The biggest area, already available for investors and with all media available, is the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierakowo near Przasnysz, which was officially opened on the first of September 2012. The zone covers the area of 306 hectares. The district government equipped the area with all necessary technical infrastructure: energy grid with the capacity of 14 megawatts, lighting, telecommunications network, sanitary and rainwater sewage, water supply, internal and access roads, cycling and pedestrian paths, and currently the gas pipeline with the increased average pressure is being designed. The cost of buying and preparation of the grounds for business activities incurred by the Przasnysz District has been 60 million zlotys to date. Approximately 85% of that amount was covered by the European Union funds.

The Zone includes the business-tourist airport, its area being 107 hectares, Special Economic Zone – sub-zone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone, with the area of 55 hectares and over 100 parcels with the areas from 30 ares to 8 hectares, designated in the spatial management plan for production, services, and trade activities.

Not surprisingly, the first tenders for the sale of land in Zone have been successful. 46 parcels at the prices from 14 zlotys to 20 zlotys per m2 were bought by 24 investors. Currently the next tenders are being announced. Around 200 hectares of land still remain for sale.

During the first operating year of the Zone the Starost Office issued building permits to 15 companies, of which 8 have already begun production or service activities on the basis of the completed private investments.

The uniqueness of the Zone is also in an excellent communication, which saves time and costs of the businesses. Roads and railways are not enough. Here you can come to negotiate business by land, but you can also fly in and out from the airport runway adjacent to the factories. Such location greatly increases the efficiency of management and implementation of innovative technologies.

Download the Site Check List of the area – here.


Many business owners and employees will need houses and flats. For them the district has prepared in the town of Przasnysz, approximately 800 meters form the Zone, almost 70 plots with all necessary media, with an area of 10 ares, located in the beautiful neighbourhood of woods, Węgierka river, and the planned reservoir.

Building plots in Przasnysz

The second town of the Przasnysz District, Chorzele, is a picturesque gateway from Mazovia into the Mazury Lake District. In Chorzele the district has begun creating two sub-zones of the Przasnysz Economic Zone.


The first area of one 94 hectares, which the district purchased from the private owners can be enlarged through continuing the purchases, to 216 hectares. Its additional advantage is a close proximity of railway no. 35 Ostrołęka – Chorzele – Olsztyn, national and voivodeship roads, as well as the ports in Gdańsk and Gdynia. The land is intended for industrial, services and trade construction.

Investment areas of the Przasnysz Economic Zone - Subzone No. 1 in Chorzele

Download the Site Check List of the area – here.


The second area is intended for sport and recreational activities, a total of 22 hectares, can be enlarged to 100 hectares and it benefits from the proximity of the aquiferous Orzyc river and its reservoir creating historical kayak-bike trail. The district, in public-private partnership, intends to build here the element of the Mazovia Winter Sports Centre, with the ski slope, tourist village, and an enlarged reservoir.

Investment areas of the Przasnysz Economic Zone - Subzone No. 2 in Chorzele

Download the Site Check List of the area – here.


All investment areas of the district are joined by infrastructural belt along the district road Przasnysz – Brzeski Kołaki – Chorzele, in which the 110 kV high-voltage line, the gas pipeline with the increases average pressure, cycling path, and the optic fibre line have been built. The high voltage line is adapted to receive power from two solar power plants in Przasnysz and Chorzele, biogas plant, and wind power plants.

Infrastructural belt connecting investment areas


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